Travel Grant Winners - updated

Explanations: The award, which covers the conference fee, travel costs and lodging, will be paid when the grantees come to the conference venue for registration on the conference day. Co-researchers of a study will share the grant. Non-attendants will not be paid. 


Adham Abu Hattab 

A suggested program  for improving listening comprehension through aural authentic materials among al-Aqsa university English majors.


Muhammedreza Valizadeh 

The effect of Individualized technology-mediated feedback on EFL learners' argumentative essays.


Özlem Khan & Tuncay Taş

Can locally produced coursebooks in Turkey be an alternative to their global counterparts for the teaching of speaking?


Eda Nur Özcan 

A survey on the Turkish ELT community's attitudes to critical pedagogy: a replication study


Md. Sadequle Islam

Reflective teaching in Bangladesh: prospects and challenges for language teachers


Halil İbrahim Şahin

Evaluation of MEB English coursebooks based on teachers' opinions


Yaşar Duyal

Chinese and English language readers’ text comprehension processes.


Zhanar Baimbetova

Evaluation of the undergraduate English language teacher education program in Kazakhstan: pre-service teachers’ perspective.


Dine Radia

A qualitative study of classroom interactional competence among university teachers



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